Meyer Werft Books Order To Convert Car Carrier Into Livestock Carrier

The Meyer Werft of Papenburg, West Germany, a leader in the conversion of cargo vessels and tankers into livestock carriers, recently received an order from the Dutch shipowner Vroon B.V., Breskens, to convert the car carrier Mediterranean Highway into a sheep/cattle carrier to be named Cormo Express. For Meyer Werft this is not only the 25th conversion into a livestock carrier but also the 20th order from Vroon/Livestock Express.

Upon completion in the autumn of 1989, the 577.5-foot-long by 87- foot-wide livestock carrier will be capable of carrying 70, 000 sheep, or 61,000 sheep and 1,500 cattle, respectively, on 11 decks. The vessel, which has a speed of 20 knots, will be operated on the Australia/Middle East route.

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