Gear Rating Discussed At Joint Meeting Of ASNE And SNAME Sections

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The Pacific Northwest Section of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, together with the Puget Sound Section of the American Society of Naval Engineers, held their annual joint meeting recently at the Officers Club of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, Wash. A technical paper entitled "A Summary of Gear Rating Practices" was presented by Paul H. Diehl, a member of the SNAME Section.

The author compared gear rating methods from two marine classifica tion societies, and compared them to two industrial gear standards. Rating results from the four methods were compared on three different marine gear examples that have had a history of gear tooth distress. The causes of tooth distress were discussed in relation to the rating methods, and how the same problems might be avoided in future applications.

The presentation included slides showing various gear trouble-shooting problems.

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