Willi Becker Rudder Installed On Converted ' M / V Seabulk America'

Willi Becker Ingenieurbiiro GmbH of Germany supplied a highperformance hi-lift flap rudder for the recently reconstructed 46,300- dwt chemical tanker M/V Seabulk America.

Working with consultants on the project, Willi Becker Ingenieurbiiro worked on a proposal for a high-performance flap rudder, after it was found that the vessel's existing rudder would be unsuitable following her conversion. Willi Becker supplied the largest SA-type Becker rudder, with rudder blades with an area of 36 square meters.

According to Willi Becker, the rudder performed extremely well during sea trials to both the satisfaction of the company and the owner, Hvide Shipping, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

More than 4,000 vessels have been equipped with Willi Beckerdesigned rudders. These vessels represent various types and sizes, from small- and medium-sized fishing boats, cargo liners, supply and Navy vessels to large passenger ships, car carriers and 150,000-dwt tankers. Most recently, Willi Becker Ingenieurbiiro has developed a free hanging rudder designs with areas of 55 meters square for a 150,000- dwt tanker under construction. For free literature detailing Willi Becker flap type rudders,

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