Infrasonik Receives Order For Soot-Removal Systems From U.S. Shipping Line

Infrasonik AB of Finspong, Sweden, a subsidiary of ASEA STAL, has received an order from a major U.S. container shipping line, for 11 sets of Infrafone soot-removal equipment for installation in the exhaust gas economizers of the U.S. diesel vessels. The order was received through ASEA STAL Inc., Shawnee, Kan.

The order was placed after extensive trials of the equipment onboard the U.S. company's vessels for more than one year. During these trials, other audible sonic removal equipment was tested on ships in the same class.

In addition, the company recently received an order for 10 sets of Infrafone soot-removal equipment from Matson Navigation Company, U.S. The equipment will be installed in the main steam boilers of Matson's container vessels.

The Infrafone equipment, which is made by Infrasonik AB, removes soot from main boilers and exhaust gas economizers through the generation of infrasound, airborne pres- sure variations at the low frequency of 20 Hz. The system removes dry soot and dust from all parts of the boiler because of the omnidirectional reflecting properties of low-frequency sound in an enclosed space.

Since the equipment need only be operated intermittently, for example, only for 20 seconds every five minutes, running costs are kept to a minimum. Moderate investment cost, ease and speed of installation combined with operating savings from boiler efficiency, ensure a short payback period—approximately one year.

I n f r a f o n e equipment was launched into the marine market in early 1983 after successful tests in main boilers and waste-heat recovery boilers. Over 125 marine units have now been installed on vessels from France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, the U.K., the U.S., Japan, etc. Infrafone equipment has been in use in land-based boilers for over five years and more than 450 are in operation throughout the world.

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