Color Brochure Offered On New High-Tech Marine Repair Lift

Offshore Industries of Edmonds, Wash., is offering a free brochure on the patented Danish "Lemvig Lift," which can have a 300-ton vessel out of the water and onto the yard deck in 20 minutes or less and move it on a cushion of air to anywhere in the working area.

The brochure text explains that the Lemvig Lift can be as large or as small as needed, and the cost is as attractive as the product. The highly sophisticated system uses nothing but air to perform its task. Air lifts the vessel from the water, and air is used to float the vessel on land to and from the repair area. The Lemvig Lift has no winches or tracks, and no pulley, cables or wheels to rust or wear out. Offshore Industries claims that it is virtually troublefree, easy and economical to operate, simple in design, and beneficial to both yard operators and boat owners.

Equally as well suited to marinas as to commercial yards, the Lemvig Lift can be designed to accommodate any size vessel—from 30 tons to as large as required.

For further information and a free copy of the brochure, "Lift Your Profits," from Offshore Industries,

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